Annie Pootoogook

2006 23:50 minutes, Colour

    Producer: Katherine Knight
    Director: Marcia Connolly
    Producer: David Craig

Photo & Video Gallery

Focused on Annie and her work, the film parallels Annie’s own creative process of making and doing. Images of her drawings anchor the film in her art. The transitions, challenges and risks of her life are reflected in her drawings. The shamans, myths and land-based adventures prevalent in the last generation’s prints and drawings are less evident. Annie drawings depict today. Local and global collide in her images: a seal hunt on TV; a video play station dominates a sparsely furnished room, walrus meat is eaten on the floor with a modern kitchen visible in the background.

"Marcia Connolly has created an extraordinary documentary on Annie Pootoogook's work and life. Her camera has found a beautiful way of implicating itself into Pootoogook's community in Cape Dorset, creating an intimacy and sense of spiritual kinship which is profoundly touching and rare. This is one of the finest portraits of an artist I have ever seen."
-Atom Egoyan


Directed by Marcia Connolly, produced by Katherine Knight and David Craig, cinematography by Marcia Connolly, original music by Justin Small and Ohad Benchetrit, edited by Eric Aboud.

Produced in association with Bravo Canada and APTN and with the participation of the Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund, the Ontario Arts Council and with assistance from The Power Plant.